Meet Kate

profile pic{ Inspired by } nature in the French countryside
{ Excited by } future adventures
{ Addicted to } dark chocolate
{ Deathly Afraid of } fear stopping me … and heights!
{ Past Life } French Aristocracy, I’m sure of it
{ Life Love } Cooking

Thanks for stopping by!
I am a France obsessed Australian mum of three awesome kids who remind me how blessed I am every single day!  I am a major food snob, find my “happy place” in the kitchen – much to my husband’s delight – and am addicted to communicating, whether that be online or face to face over a coffee or red wine.  I love hearing people’s stories, entertaining and making people feel loved by feeding them. I believe life is all about creating experiences that fall in line with your purpose.  So everything I do is heart led! This blog is my art and an expression of who I am.  It’s the best way I know how to connect with my tribe and to share my passion for food. I am currently living in France, pursuing a ten year goal of mine to “become a local” in country France.  So far so good – you can read about some of the beautiful people I’ve met along the way on the blog. I’d love to hear from you – let’s start a conversation on Facebook, Instagram or email.  Send me your comments or questions or just let me know what you’re cooking!  kpx

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